Change log

Change logs for kettu will be posted here. Please report any bugs you find by ruining the command /report

Version 2.6

Disabled suggest, print, and report from operating outside of this server. This was changed for moderation reasons. Added 2 new variables to control the bot:

By putting {all} in the channel topic you will disable all commands. By putting {commandName} you can disable a specific command from running in that channel.

Version 2.5

Fixed a required permissions for some commands Fixed several spelling errors Fixed some broken markdown Added pong as alias for ping Fixed bug where just saying / ... would trigger the ping command Fixed DM message loop Fixed a few more small bugs

Version 2.4

Added more images to the social commands Fixed a few more bugs Slightly changed a color of most of the embeds

Version 2.3

Fixed several misspellings Fixed a bug in the report command Added the docs to the bot

Version 2.2

Fixed a few spelling errors Added a way to change the prefix of a server /prefix [prefix].

Version 2.1

Several bug fixes Removed a broken image in the boop command . Added the {noembed} option to disable embed for the social commands

Version 2

v2 is a complete rewrite from v1 upgrading to discord.js v12. Updating Kettu now will be easier then ever as well as more consistent. New Social Commands pet zap cookie pounce bark zap cuddle (alias of snuggle) New info commands stats support (reworked) contributors(reworked) New Moderation commands ban kick deleteban softban warn lock/unlockchannel (now supports channels as augments) slowmode unban check New Misc commands vote print id suggest report

Please report any bugs you find by running the command /report or join Kettu's support server.‚Äč