Social commands

About Social commands

Kettu has a plethora of social commands to interact with other fluffs on your server. All social commands need a user argument, either a mention or a user ID. For example \hug @Gideon . Some commands will embed an image or gif while other will post just a short message. Some commands also give a special response if you run the command on yourself.

Extra options

If you do not want a command to embed an image put {noembed} in the channel topic and the social commands will not embed. This is useful for places like main chats where you do not want big embed flooding the chat.

Command guide


<> = Required arguments

[] = Optional arguments

Do not type out <> or [] when running commands.

boop <@User/ID> Boops an unsuspecting fluff ball. Aliases: boops

hug <@User/ID> Warmly hugs a fluff ball. Aliases: hugs

bap <@User/ID> Baps a misbehaving fluff ball. Aliases: baps, wack, wacks

Cookie <@User/ID> Gives another Fluff ball a cookie 🍪 Aliases: cookies

kiss <@User/ID> Kisses another fluff ball. Aliases: kisses

lick <@User/ID> Licks another fluff ball. Aliases: licks

nom <@User/ID> Noms on another fluff ball. Aliases: noms

nuzzle <@User/ID> Nuzzles another fluff ball. Aliases: nuzzles

pat <@User/ID> Gives a fluff ball a pat on the head. Aliases: pats, pet, pets

pounce <@User/ID> Pounces on an unsuspecting fluff ball. Aliases: pounces, attack, attacks snuggle <@User/ID> Snuggles another fluff ball warmly. Aliases: snugs, snuggles, snug, cuddle, cuddles

zap <@User/ID> Give another user a zap to wake them up from there sleepiness. Aliases: zaps