How to set up lock channel

The lock channel command is a useful command to help moderate a server and it is important to make sure your Discord permissions are set up correctly so this command works when you need it most. If you do not know Discords permissions very well it is highly recommended to read Discords documentation on this very matter. Now, let's get started!

How to setup proper permissions

In order to understand how to set up Discord permissions for this command to work properly you need to understand what it does and how it works. When the command is run it changes the Send Messages of the default @everyone to ❌as shown below.

When the unlock command is run it changes the Send Message override to grey allowing the fluff balls of your server to speak in again. This is where the set up comes into play. If a fluff ball has a role that has the Send Message override set to ✅ they will ignore this command. However, make sure the staff roles do have this set to ✅ so they can speak when a channel is locked down. Setting the Send Message override to grey will then check if a user has send message permission with a role.

Make sure your staff and Kettu have a send message override. If you don't staff could lock themselves out of the channel too!

The lockchannel command accepts channels as augments. In other words you can can run the command in one channel and have it lock another channel by using the command syntax: /lockchannel [channel].

You need the send messages permission to unlock a channel. You can not unlock a channel that you can not speak in even if you use the channel augment.