How to setup lock server

The lock server command is extremely helpful to shutdown a server all at once without having to run the lock channel command for every channel you want to lock down. If you do not know Discords permissions very well it is highly recommended to read Discords documentation on this very matter. In order to keep this command fast and snappy it operates differently from lockchannel. Instead of setting channel overrides it changes the default @everyone role. This sadly is a bit harder to setup and work around but it is still very usable.

How to setup proper permissions

In order to understand how to setup your discord perms for this to work you need to know how the command works. When you run the command it changes the default @everyone role to only read message history.

Kettu does not remember what the permissions the @everyone role had when you unlock the server.

When you unlock a server it sets the @everyone role to Send Message and Read Message history. You must shift all other perms to other roles or channel overrides. Any roles that have the send message permission will override/ignore the lockserver command as they are not affected by it. Channel overrides that also have send messages to ✅ will also override/ignore the command. Make sure only your staff/bots have this perm.